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For those of you who don't yet know me:  I'm Wolf.  Just Wolf.  A long-haired, blues-loving, old man who sometimes volunteers at various Colorado blues festivals.  I've been honored to be able to help out at a few charity events over the past few years, and will be writing about those somewhere along the way, on one of these pages, someday.  Probably.   I've been writing music reviews for awhile now, and I am proud to be part of the Blue Monday Monthly staff.   Thank you to all the wonderful people (artists, organizers, fans, volunteers and so many others).  The following reviews are reposted (in plain format) with the kind permission of John Hammer, editor of Blue Monday Monthly and member of the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame.  The words are my own, but they are merely opinions.  I urge you to find out for yourself just how talented these artists really are.  Any music on this site is with permission of the artist, and all rights belong to respective artists.   And they are GOOD!  - Wolf

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