Reviews To Do List

Sort of like a bucket list ... if I get enough, I'm immortal
I know, it's just a list ... what did you think it was? 
Adrianna Marie and Her Groovecutters - Double Crossing Blues

Rachel and The Ruckus (EP)

Danny Haynes - Built For Comfort

The Trainwreckers - For The Record

Andy Sydow - Trailhead

Mojo Medicine Show - No Strings Attached

The Symbols - Smile

Taylor Scott - Lonlier With You

Rachel and The Ruckus

Rob Drabkin - Little Steps

Chaz DePeolo - Resolution Blues (see First Impressions)

Delta Sonics - Live at the Boulder Outlook

Johnny O. - One
(see First Impressions)

Brad Wilson
- Blues Thunder (see First Impressions)

Papa Juke - Out of the Blues
(see First Impressions)

Crooked Eye Tommy - Butterflies & Snakes
(see First Impressions)

Eddie Turner and the Trouble Twins - Gone in 60 Seconds (see First Impressions)

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene - Let's Do This Thing
(see First Impressions)

more ... to come